About Us

iskaba-2If you have a second hand clothes business, finding inventory to fill your store can be a challenge. You could work on growing your product selection by buying directly from the public, but this can be inefficient, as you have no control over what pieces are presented to you for sale. To get a truly diverse selection of high quality used clothing, purchasing second hand clothes wholesale in the UK is key, and N&A Recycling Ltd is your number one choice among used clothing wholesalers.

A leader in used clothing wholesale in the UK, North West features a wide selection of second hand clothes, all of which are obtained from variable locations in UK. We deal only with legal door-to-door collectors who represent registered charities to ensure that we support only reputable organizations. This also allows us to place tight quality controls on our purchasing process, so that we supply our clients with the finest second hand clothes wholesale in the UK.

When you deal with N&A Recycling Ltd, you’ll get the benefit of a team that is fully devoted to the success and profitability of your business. We price our inventory of wholesale used clothing fairly to give our second hand retailers the ability to enjoy high profit margins. The satisfaction of our business partners is our number one priority, and we offer customer service in English, Russian, Lithuanian and Polish to meet the needs of our valuable clients throughout the Europe.